August 28th 2017: Corriere del Ticino Scilla Hess performed at Blue To Bop in Lugano, Switzerland

August 25th 2017: RETE UNO interviews Scilla Hess right after her show in Piazza Riforma at Blues To Bop

August 13th 2017: Scilla Hess's live performance with Markelian Kapidani of her song "Trouble in My Veins" at the Edinburgh Festival streamed on BBC Arts

August 12th 2017: BBC Arts with the Swiss Italian TV RSI releases the music video for the New European Songbook project featuring Scilla Hess's and Markelian Kapidani's musical collaboration "La Notte Sa'" (Only The Night Knows) watch it at:

March 25th 2017: Interview on Swiss Italian radio RETE UNO, talking about her new album "Scilla Hess" on radio program Confederation Music by Marco Kohler:

February 2017: Guest artist on Swiss Italian radio program "Stargate" of RETE TRE with Max:

January 2017: Scilla Hess appears on the cover Swiss of well known magazine "20Minuti" Read the full article (italian) here: